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Zip Realty Review

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Whether you’re hoping to buy or sell a property, if you want a website that focuses on foreclosures based on a user’s personal preferences, Zip Realty could be for you. It offers a quick, adaptable and user-friendly interface, as well as a wealth of additional information for helping you to locate the perfect building or buyer. 

One of the standout features of this site is its easy-use search feature. You can quickly search for properties near you, adapting the price ranges, size, number of bedrooms and much more besides. This allows you to really focus on the buildings which will be suitable for you. You can also save your search preferences, meaning you don’t have to keep inputting the same information over and over again, saving time if you visit the site regularly.

The variety of properties on sale is impressive, including homes, condominiums, plots of land and more. However, they do not currently offer commercial or rental properties, and their services aren’t available in all US states.

Despite those caveats, if you’re in the market for somewhere to live, then you can look for buildings at various stages of disrepair, depending on your maintenance experience and budget. You’ll find new properties, homes which need a little work, or even places which need a complete overhaul. 

It’s free to use ZipRealy.com. The team make their profit from taking a cut of sales, which depends on the agent you use and the property in question. If you’re selling, it’s a good idea to contact the team to check on the amount you will be charged based on the property you’re hoping to profit from. 

Buyers benefit from a range of factors, including more than 1.3 million listed buildings. There are more than 10,000 photographs to view and you can also receive email updates based on the properties you’re interested in. This is really handy if you like several buildings but want to see if their prices drop. If they do, you’ll receive an automatic notification to say that a change has occurred, which you can then check out.

Sellers can upload their property details with several photos. You also receive a “For Sale” sign for the front of the house, and colored fliers to help promote the sale. A nifty feature for sales is the “virtual tour”, which allows potential buyers to explore the property in a 360 degrees digital reconstruction of the interior.

You can also see statistics based on how many views your property has received, how many people are watching it for changes and more. You might also save money by selling online, as there are fewer costs and you have more opportunity to gain attention from buyers than you would using traditional methods.

The site provides contact with several estate agents with local knowledge. This is useful because it means you can run ideas past them, or check on them to make sure you’re within the law. Of course, an estate agent is probably necessary to process the various documents you need to sell or buy a home, but they also serve other purposes, such as being able to show potential buyers around a home if you’re not in the area. If you’re not happy with your agent then you can quickly pick another through the website.

There are plenty of tips and advice columns around the site, offering practical suggestions for house hunting and sales. The site also has a blog with posts on topics such as home maintenance and what to do in an emergency. A series of videos will also explain buying and selling tips, real estate news and How-To guides. 

Despite not offering commercial foreclosures or rental properties, ZipRealty does a lot to assist home buyers and sellers. From helping you to locate an estate agent, to producing high quality sales documents, there’s more than enough here to keep us coming back for more. 

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