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Realty Trac not only provides huge and comprehensive listings for foreclosure properties, it also allows members to access an array of useful information. Whether you need to know about how to get a mortgage, which estate agents to trust or where your money would be best invested, this site has it all covered.

Part of the reason RealtyTrac.com is successful is that its data is regularly maintained. This means you won’t find outdated properties which were sold long ago, and you can gather information on recent market trends. New information is vital in making sure you’re getting the best deal, as prices can easily fluctuate based on the economy, general sales in the area, crime rates and more. 

The sad fact is that some people own properties they cannot really afford. As such, their homes are reclaimed and sold, often at a discount. However, one man’s milk is another man’s butter, and so you can churn their losses into your gains. Enough of the cow metaphors, what can the website offer?

If you’re new to home buying, particularly through foreclosures, this is a very useful website to visit. There’s a bounty of information regarding the nature of foreclosure sales, what to expect, what to look out for and more. It goes into the practical side of sales, including how to make offers, how to raise funds, who to approach and pretty much any additional information you’d hope to find.

This website is easy to navigate through, which is especially surprising considering its size and complexity. You can perform a quick search based on your zipcode, city or state, or go into more detail regarding the particular sale-type (foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, auctions, bank owned, homes for sale or recently sold) you’re interested in. Like-wise, locating an article or further information is very simple as the website is well organized. 

The site’s Stats and Trends section sets it apart from some of its competitors. Here, you can find market summaries, including the rate of competition, general prices and savings, and how many properties are available nationwide. Realty Trac provides information on over a million properties in the US, making it a substantial resource for finding one which will suit your needs and budget.

  Whilst Realty Trac isn’t the cheapest foreclosure website around, if you consider the services it offers, and the importance of the data you’re gathering, it offers excellent value.  

There’s also a US foreclosures page with a map of the various states, with a news-style rolling banner which shows you price listings, interest rates, unemployment rates and more for a particular area. This quick shot of information gives you a real idea of the market and the areas people are buying in, helping you to foresee a rise or fall in the market, and the possible money which might be made or lost in the coming years.

Once you’ve performed a search and found a few properties you like the look of, you can access a lot of property information about each one. There are photos, as well as all the usual property information (size, age, number of rooms and so on) but you can also find information on local amenities, neighborhood prices, tax rates and more. 

If you’re in need of support, there are several options on RealtyTrac.com. The first port of call is the detailed FAQ, which you can browse or search through. This ought to provide most of the answers you’ll need, otherwise you’ll find information around the website. If you’re still stuck, then there’s a phone number to call, putting you in touch with the team 7 days a week. You can also find webinars and video tutorials which are designed to help you through every step of the process, which is great to see.

Realty Trac is considered a reliable and trustworthy website. Its information is precise and regularly updated, so you shouldn’t fall into too many traps which you can find elsewhere. There are also dedicated pages for finding reputable agents or mortgage lenders.

Whilst Realty Trac isn’t the cheapest foreclosure website around, if you consider the services it offers, and the importance of the data you’re gathering, it offers excellent value. Why skimp on a few dollars when your purchase could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run? Beginning with a solid base might not only save you money on the purchase, but also on the various costs you’ll encounter during the ownership.

Free guest access is – as you might expect – quite limited, however you can try out the free premium 7 day trial. Make sure you cancel (if you want to), though, as you will be charged around $50 per month if you don’t. Still, the free trial gives you a good opportunity to check out what the site has to offer, particularly in its pre-foreclosure section, which houses some of the best offers around.

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