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Bank Foreclosures Sale Review

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If you’re looking for a deal on a foreclosed (or pre-foreclosed) property in the USA, Bank Foreclosures Sale has more than 2 million to choose from. They can offer significant savings on full purchase prices, with a simple user interface to help you find your ideal home. 

There are two stand out features on this site which you won’t find on most others: the first is its support for abandoned foreclosure pets. Essentially, when people have their homes taken back by banks, some of them leave their pets behind without anyone to care for them.

BankForeclosuresSale.com has a list of animal shelters, plus links to further information if you wish to support those abandoned animals. This doesn’t really add a great deal to your experience of the website, but it’s nice to know that it’s not just a money-grabbing system, they have a heart too.

The second small but significant detail we liked about this site was that it tells you how much you’re saving on each property, comparing the full price with the new asking price. This gives a very quick idea of which properties offer the best bargains as you browse. 

Performing a search is easy and you can also filter the results to make sure you’re only viewing properties which fit your criteria. You can set a minimum and maximum price, the number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms you’d prefer. Whilst this is better than many sites, we’d still like a few more options here. If you are open to moving a little further from your current neighborhood, you can also include nearby zip codes. 

The site’s 7 day trial will allow you to get a taste for what’s on offer. At around $4, it’s not the cheapest trial around (some last for a month for just $1) but it’s still a money saving option if you just want to see whether or not to use the site over a longer period. The year-long contract offers good value for money, too. As with many foreclosure sites with a trial period, please remember to cancel it otherwise you might be charged the full amount for a month. 

Bank Foreclosures Sale is a solid website to visit if you’re looking to buy a foreclosed property. Whilst it doesn’t have as many features as we’d like, and the search functions aren’t quite as developed as we’ve seen elsewhere, it does a decent job for the price. If you’re on a bit of a budget but anticipate your house hunt lasting a few months, and you want plenty of choice, why not check it out?

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