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Foreclosure.com offers a comprehensive database of buildings for sale around the USA. You can search for properties based on their location or price, and find out a lot about each property. You can even arrange a viewing or make an offer on a building with just a few clicks.

Whilst this website might not have any particularly unique selling points beyond its competitors, it performs well in a lot of key areas. In the first instance, finding a property is easier than on many foreclosure websites. 

You can perform a quick search using just a zip code, by typing in a town name or state. From there you will be presented with all the properties which are available. More detailed searches, where you can determine the number of bedrooms and price range, for example, are also available.

Once you’ve found a property you like the look of, you can inspect its particulars. An impressive amount of information is available for each building, including its listing history (such as whether it immediately went into foreclosure or was under offer), a range of public records (such as whether it has air conditioning, its roofing condition, parking spaces and more) and all the usual data such as price, area and so on. 

To read this information, however, you need to be a full member. You can sign up for a full 7 day trial, which allows all the normal access to features, but after that period you need to pay for membership. On registration for the trial you are required to include your credit card details, and will then be automatically billed, so be sure to cancel if you do not wish to continue with the service as it will cost around $40 a month.  

As well as offering a portal for checking out houses, Foreclosure also provides a bounty of information to explore. A special feature of the site is its scholarship program, which houses a range of award-winning articles on US economics and other housing issues. These can be a bit academic, but if you’re really interested in knowing about the market, then it’s useful reading.

Aside from the scholarship program, there’s also a database of e-documents to read and an FAQ. You’ll find a lot of useful, practical information on how to apply for mortgages, check or improve your credit rating, and general information on foreclosure law. 

If you’re looking for an estate agent to help you through the process, you can check out the site’s concierge service. This hooks you up with a suitable professional estate agent who will guide you when you need help. 

Additional tools include a strong selection of calculators to help you work out what you can afford, as well as free email alerts. These alerts are especially useful because they allow you to keep an eye on particular properties without having to constantly log into the website. 

Foreclosure.com isn’t a particularly cheap website, but it does well in each necessary area: searching online, finding additional information on each property, staying up to date with market trends and finding help. It’s a comprehensive service with up to date data, which might make it worth the additional fees. If you’re interested, we’d recommend trying out the trial period (but do make sure to cancel if you no longer wish to use the site or you’ll find yourself with a monthly bill). 

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