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Zillow Foreclosures Review

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As well as foreclosure sales, Zillow.com offers rentals, mortgage advice, agents and home design options. Whilst its search feature is a little flawed, additional features help you to find similar properties in an area. 

Let’s talk about two of the stand out features of Zillow. The site offers recommendations based on the homes you have been looking at, which is really handy if you like the look of a place but there’s something not quite right about it. Love the look and location of one property, but can’t afford it? No problem, Zillow will show you a few others with similar attributes. This is really handy and isn’t something you’ll find on a lot of other foreclosure websites.

The second feature we’re interested in is the Home Design section of the website. Here, you can find interiors designed by professionals, or suggestions from site members. They include photos, prices and recommended contractors who are able to renovate a property. There are some great designs here, and it’s worth checking out, whether or not you decide to use the site more generally.

Zillow.com provides additional information for a range of needs, including how to gain a mortgage and make an offer. You can purchase foreclosure homes, regular homes, find rentals, mortgage information, agents to help you and more. There’s also an advice section and an FAQ if you’re in need of support. 

Probably the biggest weakness on this site is its somewhat strange search feature. You type in a location, set your price range and how many rooms you want, which is normal, and are then presented with a map. Rather than seeing a list of properties with photos to browse, you are presented with array of dots across the map, each of which is a property. However, you don’t know how each one looks or much about it until you click on the dot and open up its profile. This is a very inefficient means of searching because it means you have to click on each dot before you know which properties you might be interested in viewing in more detail.

Still, once that’s over with, each profile page has a lot of useful information about each property. You can find out its history, including previous sales and offers. Zillow also allows you to find out how popular the property has been on the website, so you can essentially work out whether it has a lot of traffic (and therefore, potential competition).

You can add properties to a list of your favorites, or remove them from your searches completely. This really helps to speed up finding or avoiding homes. You can also check out the local amenities (including schools) to discover which area you might wish to move to.

Zillow has a lot to offer, and we’re very happy to find that it’s completely free. Whilst you’ll still need to hire a professional lawyer to finalise purchases and sales, just being able to find properties with photos and details, at no charge, is great. 

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