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Government Auctions Review

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GovernmentAuctions is a site which helps you to locate properties which have been seized, and are being sold, by the government. As well as government auctions and foreclosures, it also offers members the opportunity to attend auctions for other items such as jewelry, electronics and more.

The site appears somewhat slapdash when you first boot it up. This isn’t helped by the somewhat gaudy colorscheme and various references to where it’s appeared on the news. Still, if you can look past those details then there are treasures to unearth.

You can easily find foreclosure properties online, or check when live auctions are being held near you. The site therefore allows you to check out these properties before deciding whether or not to make a bid. 

Searching for a property is simple, although we’d like to see more options to help you narrow the search results. This way you wouldn’t have to trawl through a lot of properties you won’t be interested in. You can also click on a state map and narrow in on your area to find out what’s for sale.

There are several videos on the site, including tutorials. This is a welcome bonus, and many of them will be useful if you’re unsure how the whole purchasing process works. In addition, there are various blog posts and articles to read, plus written tutorials. If you’re planning on learning about foreclosure law, there might be a few handy hints in amongst all this information.

GovernmentAuctions.org covers a wider area than some of the other foreclosure sites we’ve reviewed. You can find properties all over mainland USA, but you’ll also be able to locate sales in American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and Micronesia.

There are a few missing tools which would have helped raise the site’s appeal. Calculators, market trend data and additional learning resources would have been great extras. Subsequently, it doesn’t feel as if you’re quite getting as much value for money as you could elsewhere, as the site mainly functions as a viewing room, encouraging you to attend auctions.

A free three day trial is available, with full membership costing around $20 per month. This is considerably cheaper than many other foreclosure websites, although it’s up to you to decide whether that saving is worth the lack of tools.

Over all, Government Auctions offers some interesting properties for a good discount. The auction element is something a bit different, although not particularly worked into the online features. Still, if you find a property you like then you can quite easily find out about how and where it's being sold. 

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