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Bank Foreclosed Listings Review

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Bank Foreclosed Listings is a free resource for helping you to locate foreclosure properties around the USA. The site functions primarily as a search engine, sending you to a variety of other websites where its properties are being advertised and sold. 

This website is free to use, and they’d be hard pushed to charge for it. We tried several basic searches (such as “New York”, “Maine” and “Washington”) but were told that we had to “enter a valid location”. Sorry, all you folks in those places, seems you’re living in another dimension!

To be fair, some of our searches worked, and redirected us to sites which offered bank foreclosures in those areas. You’ll have to perform your own searches to find out whether you’ll find any success. Obviously we cannot comment on each of the sites which you are redirected to, how good they are or their reliability. 

Perhaps, you might think, BankForeclosedListings.com is useful for additional information on foreclosures.  Sadly, this isn’t the case. There are some useful-sounding links, but the amount of information provided is minute and barely worth reading. So, as a resource for information regarding property purchases, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

You can view several featured properties, each of which comes with a brief description and photo. However, you cannot click on these properties and be redirected to their pages. The site doesn’t even tell you where they are, so it’s not like you can hunt them down, either.

Bank Foreclosed Listings suggests that “Service may not be free in all areas” but it’s not clear what service they provide, or how you might be charged for them. We assume this relates to the possibility of incurring charges when you are directed to other websites, but yet again the site fails to explain itself.

A lack of information doesn’t end there. In fact, there is no FAQ and no customer support available. There’s really very little to explore on the site over all, and the only function which is worth trying out is the (limited and unreliable) search.

If you hadn’t already guessed our opinion of BankForeclosedListings, here it is: it’s not good. It might be worth quickly performing a search of your area and then following it through to the site it suggests, but otherwise there’s nothing much to come here for. In a category where so many websites do so much, this one is trying to hop in the 100 metres sprint.  

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