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Property Radar Review

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With more than 24 million property records, PropertyRadar has a huge number of buildings to invest in. What’s more, it offers some of the best foreclosure and market tracking tools around, allowing you to make informed decisions on property deals. 

The real standout features of Property Radar’s foreclosures section are its tracking and monitoring tools. Using highly detailed maps, regularly updated data, millions of property records and analysis tools, it helps you to understand what’s on offer and whether it’s a good deal.

This isn’t the easiest system to use, particularly if you’re new to checking foreclosure sales. The reason is that this site offers a lot more data than most sites, not just allowing you to check the basic details of a property, but to look at its sales history and current trends to decipher whether it’s a logical (and potentially profit-making) purchase.

Subsequently, professional investors might be more suited towards PropertyRadar.com than everyday buyers. That’s not to say that regular people can’t use the system, however, and if you’re a quick learner with an eye for numbers then you can really make the most of what’s on offer here.

Really going into the stats, you can run scenarios to find out what the chances of loss or profit are, based on market trends. The interfaces are clean and uncluttered. There are enough tools for finding and examining properties, as you might with most other foreclosure websites, so that you can progress towards the more detailed analysis in your own time. 

Apparently, Property Radar is used by a large number of professional investors, which is a testament to its functionality. If you do find several properties you’re interested in, you can monitor them automatically, receiving alerts when significant changes occur. You can also set schedules so you don’t miss sales, which allows you to find out if a property sold for the value you estimated. 

PropertyRadar is pretty unbeatable when it comes to tools and features. However, it’s not free, and the trial period only lasts 3 days. Its prices are very fair and affordable though, offering very good value for money. You’ll need to include your card details to sign up for the free trial, which is a bit of a bother, especially as you need to remember to cancel your subscription if you don’t wish to be charged for a full month.

Customer support is excellent, with an FAQ, email support, the ability to schedule a call, documents, tutorials and webinars, guides and a community for support. We’d like to see a few more videos around and about, perhaps with some anti-jargon descriptions of some of the services (for the less property minded of us), but otherwise they seem to do a top job.

If you’re interested in playing the long game, watching markets and analyzing trends in property sales, PropertyRadar.com offers some great tools. Even if you’re looking for a quick browse and purchase, it has plenty to offer. Why not give its free trial a try and find out what it has to offer?

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