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Foreclosure Listings Review

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With over 2 million properties, each with a detailed profile page, plus the option to have a member of the team call a listing on your behalf, Foreclosure Listings offers several features worth a second look. 

This is a slick-looking site, which allows you to perform a search for a property based on location. However, we would prefer to see more options in the early stages of searches so that you could locate a new home based on your particular needs. Once you’ve found the correct location, you can adapt the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and your price range, but it would be useful to be able to perform nationwide searches with these details. After all, not everyone knows where they want to live, particularly if home size and price is a deciding factor.

Each property is provided with a unique profile page, allowing you to view multiple photos plus a range of useful information. Once you’ve signed up (which we’ll come to shortly) you can view a property’s address, meaning you can drive over and take a look for yourself. This also allows you to find out about local amenities such as schools, shops, local authorities and more.

A useful feature of ForeclosureListings.com is that you can make contact with buyers and sellers. This means you can cut out middlemen, discussing prices, property details and more without a law firm standing between you with an ever-increasing bill.

Membership isn’t free, although you can perform a basic search without much hassle. Still, to be able to find out where a property is and to speak with the appropriate people, you’ll need to pay for membership. A 7 day trial is available for a small fee, with a monthly or annual subscription option. The annual membership provides good value for money, although you can find other sites with more features for a little extra cash.

In addition to sales, the site has a foreclosure auctions page. These offer a special opportunity to snatch a deal, gaining properties for far below market value if you’re lucky.

Foreclosure Listings provides its users with a useful help center, glossary and FAQ to help support you. However, it has less than other sites when it comes to offering you professional advice or linking you to estate agents and property lawyers. 

All things considered, this is a solid foreclosed properties site. Although it’s lacking tools here and there, if you’re interesting in finding and viewing properties online, with the hope of attending auctions or viewing properties in the flesh, it should be suitable for most of your needs. 

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