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Realtor has two primary goals: helping people to buy or sell properties, and connecting them with professional agents. 

There are actually two distinct sites to choose from. The standard realtor.com is mainly focused on the US market, whilst realtor.com/international offers similar services for homes across the globe, covering over 33 countries. The international site is also available in 11 languages, which makes it a great place to seek out bargains on homes abroad.

Each offers properties for sale or rent, as well as a range of other features. The listings are updated every 15 minutes, which means information is up to date and new properties are always becoming available. 

You can explore regular sales as well as foreclosures, but we’ll focus more on the foreclosures side of the websites, since that’s probably (give the reviews category you’re exploring) the intention of most readers.

A market summary page provides statistics and analysis for a particular area. For example, if you’re looking for a home in Boston, MA, you can see how many homes are on sale, how many have recently been sold, how many are new constructions, how many are for rent, how many are foreclosures and a lot of other information for your area. In fact, if you don’t want to move far from where you live then you can search for properties near you simply by typing in your zip code.

The site seems quite focused on bringing estate agents and buyers or sellers together. From the information we gathered, sellers and agents are charged a fee for using the site to promote their service or building, but buyers can use it for free. This works out for everyone in the long run because buyers get a great deal on a foreclosure property, whilst sellers may save money and attract more buyers by selling online, and realty agents receive more clients.

Aside from the business of buying and selling property, Realtor offers a lot of free advice in the form of articles. These are informative and engaging, with real practical tips such as how to set a home price or how to make an offer. 

There are a few features which we would like to see incorporated into the site, such as a more in depth search. Sellers would also benefit from being able to place their ads with 3D models of the properties. It can be hard to know, at times, exactly which services are available, so it would be preferable if the site explained this in clear details. 

Whilst there are a lot of foreclosure properties available, we had a little trouble navigating to and through the foreclosure searches. Again, just a few little adjustments here and there would help us to use the site more efficiently.

Realtor.com offers a wide range of properties, including foreclosures, rentals and regular purchases. Whilst it can be a little tricky to locate what you’re looking for, at times, we were impressed by its level of support and were particularly interested in its international connections. If you’re looking for a home abroad, we think it’s certainly worth stopping to take a look.

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