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Bad Support, and kept charging my account after cancellation
01 February 2013
Reviewer: BB from San Diego

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Last February when I was looking for a home I signed up for several of these sites - bankforeclosuressale.com being one of them. Paid the $5 or $10 for the trial and cancelled most when I determined they weren't what I was looking for.

I received my year-end statements at the beginning of 2013 and found the charges from CCBill.com (no complaints about them, their support was pretty good). I'll admit, I am at fault as I did let the $39.99 charge slip by for 10 months. Since there is no e-mail notifying a charge to my account as every other one of accounts with recurring charges do - from Hostmonster.com to Sprint. It wouldn't quite have been picking out a needle in a haystack but it was on my main card.

Immediately I contact CCBill who cancels the agreement and gives me a courtesy month refund. Great, but just like anyone unknowingly paying for a non-commodity service would want a full refund. It's not like I was renting a car and leaving it in the garage or not reading the magazine that comes in mail box. Any CMS based site can see my Account was inactive accept for the few minutes I used it initially.

CCBill refers me to contact bankforeclosuressale.com directly. I called, no answer, VM is full so I couldn't leave a message. I sent a message through the site, where I did not get a copy nor could elect to get a copy of my message.

That jogged the memory, I had cancelled this membership (or tried to) in February submitting a request through their contact form, just as I had the others, and had even tried calling to confirm as I received no immediate Cancellation Confirmation via email the other sites sent. I reached the same message - VM Box is full - it wasn't the standard one most of us hear when calling a cell phone, it was distinct and when I heard it again it almost immediately made me remember my initial attempt to cancel.

Several phone calls this month with CCBill and no responses from bankforeclosuressale.com, I finally threatened to report BBB to CCBill and received an e-mail. They claimed to have responded to an e-mail I sent on Jan. 17th, which they hadn't. A generated or template e-mail was sent on Jan. 16th, after my second call to CCBill, which was vague and didn't answer my questions.

Bottom Line - Don't even deal with them and risk the aggravation. There were several sites that produced the same results. I ended up using Bank of America - http://foreclosures.bankofamerica.com/



In summary, I would not recommend Bank Foreclosures Sale to a friend.

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